#GetTV – Medaska’s Treasures


Hi All…

I thought I’d add a pick of the week for GetTV, which if you’re not familiar with is a fledgling network that paloffers classic films all day long, many of which are pretty rare.  In any case as some of you may already know I’m a huge Frank Sinatra fan so it should come as no surprise that from the offerings scheduled on GetTV this week I am selecting George Sidney’s PAL JOEY, a 1957 musical starring Sinatra, Kim Novak and Rita Hayworth (whom Frank insisted have top star billing).  PAL JOEY is one of my favorite Sinatra films as he sings some of the finest songs ever written throughout the film:  “I didn’t know what time it was, There’s a small hotel, I could write a book, and Lady is a Tramp.”

PAL JOEY has a good storyline, with slight differences from the stage version (which starred Gene Kelly coincidently), and a first-rate cast.  The story takes place in San Francisco, also one of my favorite cities, and the locations are top-notch.  The movie is a tour de force of a fantastic American city and its landmarks.  For me this film is Sinatra at the height of his power in showbiz, he was still in top form, and since there was great music in it, he pal1wanted to make sure it was done with great attention.  Sinatra wasn’t always the most patient actor in the world, but when it came to his music he would work like a crazy man.  PAL JOEY is a film I highly recommend and when watching be sure to crank the sound way up so the neighbors can hear Sinatra at his best.

PAL JOEY is scheduled to air on GetTV today, Monday at 6:15 pm est.

This is Rob Medaska, thanks for your time, and remember if you look hard enough you will always be able to find a lost treasure.

pal joey triptych


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