#TCM – Medaska’s Pick of the Week

Hi all!

I’m back with my weekly spotlight on a film I think all classic film lovers, like myself, should try to 1mcatch. For the coming week I am choosing “M” (1931) Directed by the great Fritz Lang, and starring the incomparable Peter Lorre.  This movie will it air on Thursday, June 26th at 6:15 AM est…..(set the alarm) on TCM.

“M” is a story set in the 20’s….yet is still (unfortunately) relevant today. It tells the tale of a child killer, on the loose, and unable to be captured by police. Because of the gravity of the situation, the killer is hunted down by fellow “social miscreants”, and eventually brought to “their justice”. The performance by Lorre is phenomenal, and very, very real. The direction by Lang is disturbing, and msets a mood that was, and forever will be disturbing to “normal” human beings. This is a film very under-discussed when speaking of some of the great and powerful early talking films. Some classify “M” as a suspense or crime drama, because of the subject matter, but I classify it as a powerful tale of true horror.

“M” is a film that strikes at the very core of a parent’s fears, and shows very little changes over the passage of time. It is as relevant today, as it was almost one hundred years ago. Coincidently, even though denied by Lang, it is considered to be a telling of the real-life horrors of the “Vampire of Düsseldorf”.   Please try to watch a film experience unlike many others, “M” this coming Thursday, June 26th at 6:15 am est.

Thank you so much.




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