Medaska’s pick – #getTV Frank Sinatra birthday tribute!

Hi All……it’s been a while since I submit anything to Citizen Screenings, but tomorrow is the 99th anniversary of Frank Sinatra’s birthday and I can’t let that go by without alerting you that getTV is dedicating its primetime programming to my all-time favorite entertainer.

Here’s the entire getTV Sinatra schedule, which kicks off with “Happy Holidays With Bing And Frank” a 30-min Drama, Musical from 1957.

“Join Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra for a swingin’ holiday special featuring all of your festive favorites including Jingle Bells, Deck The Halls and the classic White Christmas 34all performed with the legendary duo’s inimitable charm. Happy Holidays with Bing and Frank was directed by Frank Sinatra himself, with the music conducted by the legendary Nelson Riddle.” – getTV

Not only do I think Frank Sinatra is one of the greatest entertainers there ever was, in my opinion he was THE greatest entertainer of all time.  So needless to say it’s thrilling to see that getTV is celebrating the important day by showing not only a few of Frank’s films, but also a television special.

In “Happy Holidays with Bing and Frank,” notice who is billed first – not Frank, which this was customary of him to do.   The special features some great classic yuletide songs.  Directed by Frank, this Christmas special takes place in Victorian England, with the 2 crooners going door to door, with some fellow songsters, cranking out some fabulous holiday tunes.   I believe – with the exception of the getTV airing a week ago – this has not aired since 1957 and it is a great way to 32celebrate and get into the holiday spirit.  There are many interesting items with regard to the show, if you have the dvd version you can see them on the extras.

Frank was a notoriously impatient TV and Film man who did as “little” takes as necessary.  Watch, in the opening number, as he drops the Christmas tree ornament and keeps right on singing (there would be no 2nd takes needed according to the director).  It also paints the 2 stars as bachelors, hanging out waiting for a few chicks to arrive.  The show has a very 1950s feel to it and for me that enhances the production quite nicely.  Among the many great songs featured are: “The Christmas Song,” “Santa Claus is coming to Town,” and “Away in a Manger”….all performed memorably.  Bing and 876Frank top the evening off by doing a duet of the eternal classic, “White Christmas.”

I should note that Bing was a big help to Frank’s career and the 2 worked together quite often despite being labeled as bitter rivals.  That’s something that could not be farther from the truth.  Bing helped Frank when he was down and out and in return Frank had Bing’s sons on his TV show to return the favor.  This is just one of dozens and dozens of examples of how, although rivals, artists can help to not only benefit their own careers, but others as well.

Thanks to getTV for providing me….and the world…with a great evening of Frank films and a very rare TV Christmas special.

This is Rob Medaska.  Thanks for your time and be sure to spend a few hours with (arguably) one of the greatest entertainers of all time on what would have been his 99th birthday.  You may also want to take part in a Twitter/Facebook event sponsored by getTV to celebrate the occasion…

Celebrate Frank Sinatra’s birthday with us and share your favorite Sinatra moments and memories on the getTV interactive fan page.  Use ‪#‎99ReasonsWeLoveSinatra‬ to join the party on Facebook and Twitter.




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