#TCM – Medaska’s Pick of the Week

Hi Guys….

welcome back to my TCM pick of the week….

this week I have chosen one of the greatest horror flicks ever made….FREAKS.   Directed by Tod Browning and banned 1from Britain for like 1000 years, FREAKS is classic of American horror featuring real life carnival side-show people, sprinkled in with a few “real” actors. The story revolves around the performers and the “code” that they all judged the world by. When one of them breaks that code…..and so the story goes.

FREAKS was a pet project that Tod Browning had in mind; you see he grew up surrounded by circus performers and side-show attractions. Moving over to MGM,

Browning with members of the cast of FREAKS
Browning with members of the cast of FREAKS

from Universal, Browning took advantage of the growing horror genre and had this project greenlighted, something that would not have happened just a few short months later. The story is not the real story….but the use of the performers is what drives Browning and the viewer in this twisted tale. Set the DVR…and be ready to see, if you haven’t already, one of the most talked about and legendary horror films of all-time….FREAKS, September 12, 3:45 Est……and only on TCM as part of the network’s Friday Night Spotlight series dedicated to Pre-Code films throughout September.

Till next week, this is Rob Medaska saying thank you so much.



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