#TCM – Medaska’s Pick of the Week

Welcome back to my TCM pick of the week….hope the summer has been awesome for everyone.

This week’s TCM pick is Edward Dmytryk’s THE DEVIL COMMANDS from 1941 with the one 1and only Boris Karloff. The film is from Columbia Pictures and gives the TCM audience a chance to view one of, if not THE, greatest horror actors of all-time. I wish TCM would dedicate more time to horror other than in October. In my opinion, some of the greatest Summer Under the Stars (SUTS) days have been when they’ve featured some horror icons (Bela Lugosi springs to mind).

Karloff gives his typical picture performance in THE DEVIL COMMANDS and is his usual frightful self (hell he could read the phone book and scare me). The movie features some other moody character actors as well, including Anne Revere and Cy Schindell.

Revere and Karloff
Revere and Karloff

THE DEVIL COMMANDS deals with a scientist trying to contact his dead wife, but this point is really not important, as it is to see a true master of his craft at the height of his power. Every word, every gesture is like A ballet when performed by Karloff. So, I strongly suggest you set your if your DVR, or if home sit back and close the curtains since the movie is airing at 10 in the morning – and watch a master at work. THE DEVIL COMMANDS is airing on September 4…and only on TCM.


– Rob

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