#TCM – Medaska’s Pick of the Week

THE WASP WOMAN on TCM July 19th @ 12pm est

Hi Guys….

…welcome back to my TCM pick of the week….and what more can be said except THE WASP waspWOMAN from 1959 and directed by Roger Corman and Jack Hill, simply one of the worst B-movies of all-time.  It is so bad it is awesome.  

To celebrate THE WASP WOMAN”S awesomeness let’s start out with the buzzing bee sound throughout the beginning of the movie, a sound so loud you can barely hear anything else – fantastic!  Next, the almost nine minutes of bee-related material at the beginning, with very little dialog – stupendous!  Then w1there are the board room scenes, a big company that apparently works in a shabby office – inspiring!  Add the casting, the costumes and the conclusion….WOW!  THE WASP WOMAN must have been the PERFECT drive-in flick as it fit the mood of the times and delivery of film to a T. 

If you have not already seen this Roger Corman horror movie you must!  It is simply too “bad” to miss.

Till next week, this is Rob saying thank you so much.


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