#TCM – Medaska’s Pick of the Week

Hi all,

Hoping everyone everywhere is having an enjoyable summer.

jewelMy TCM pick for this week is William Dieterle‘s JEWEL ROBBERY released in 1932. It stars Kay Francis and William Powell, one of their many starring vehicles around that time period.

In JEWEL ROBBERY Ms. Francis plays a wealthy wife who is looking for excitement in her life that is currently not there. Along comes Mr. Powell who plays a smoother than silk robber who sweeps the stones and Kay away in one fell swoop. The style of the film and chemistry between the two is outstanding. They have terrific interplay and Powell is at his masterful best wpplaying a scoundrel you just can’t help but like. This is no easy task.  In fact, it’s something that is extremely hard to pull off, but as usual Powell does it marvelously.

JEWEL ROBBERY is a briskly paced, 68 minute treasure trove of great lines and even better locations. Please try to stay up late….east coast time….12:15am, Monday night…actually Tuesday morning, July 15th.  You must catch JEWEL ROBBERY.

Till next week.





  1. I love this review of this movie. It sums it up perfectly! And now I must watch it again 🙂 Terrific read, thank you!

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