#GetTV – Medaska’s Treasures

Hello gang,

Sorry no post last week, I was on a mental summer holiday.

The lost treasure airing on GetTV this week is Charles Barton’s AFRICA SCREAMS (1949) airing on Tuesday July 5th at 3:50am (this one is for insomniacs like me). The film stars the comedy team of afBud Abbott and Lou Costello, one the greatest of all teams ever put together (my favorites are Laurel and Hardy, but that’s a topic for another post.)

In AFRICA SCREAMS Bud and Lou encounter trouble (as usual) along their route, this time – as the title mentions – it’s in Africa where the duo searches for a wealth of diamonds. While this is one of their lesser vehicles, it is still something to see – two top-notch comedians giving it all they have. Along for the ride in this movie are Shemp Howard and Joe Besser, both a part of the Three Stooges at different times

Costello and Shemp Howard
Costello and Shemp Howard

(yet again a topic for another post).   AFRICA SCREAMS features some funny animal gags and as usual Costello gives it his all, despite his ever increasing poor health at this point and the fact that the business was wearing on him after all the years of hard work. Much can be learned on the way down, as can be on the way up.

AFRICA SCREAMS is a fascinating film and absolutely worth a look for anyone who is able to tune in.  Watching Abbott and Costello is never a waste of time, a team that left a tremendous mark on the history of film comedy.  Remember, it’s on July 15th at 3:50 am – only on GET TV.

May you always find what you are looking for…..


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