#GetTV – Medaska’s Treasures

Hello gang,

Getting right to my lost treasure for this week on GetTV, Fred Zinnemann’s FROM HERE TO ETERNITY (1953) airing on Saturday, July 5th,eternity back to back both at 7 pm and 9:40 pm est  (which is somewhat odd?).  FROM HERE TO ETERNITY is the film that garnered both Frank Sinatra and Donna Reed their first…and only competitive Academy Awards.  The film was nominated for thirteen Oscars, with a total of eight wins ( a very impressive feat).

For those of you not familiar with the film it is a take-off on the James Joyce novel of the same name.  However there have been many changes made from the novel, which I highly recommend, to the film.  Zinnemann’s movie has some of the strongest performances ever put on film and features some legendary stories.  For

montyinstance there’s the one about the ghost of Monty Clift still haunting the old Roosevelt Hotel in West Hollywood where it is said you can hear him practicing the bugle he plays in ETERNITY  in the room he once stayed in.

FROM HERE TO ETERNITY is a film for the ages with some all-time great performances.  Whether you’ve seen this movie before or not tune in…you do – after all – have two scheduling choices to catch it when it airs on GetTV this Saturday both at 7 pm and 9:40 pm est.

May you always find what you are looking for…..

– Rob


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