Rob Medaska @MP2V Director MP2V

I met Rob Medaska at a work function a couple of months ago and our conversation quickly focused on our love of film.  One thing led to another and we were suddenly life-long friends, or at least I feel that way.  Rob and I both love the classic, Universal horrors, which we discussed for a while – James Whale’s Dracula and Frankenstein features, The Wolf Man and the like.  Of modern horror fare I can’t say the same.  I am not a fan of slasher films or horror films in general mostly because I frighten easily.  Rob, on the other hand, loves all horror.

During the conversation that day Rob mentioned he’d made a film, which immediately impressed me.  I know nothing about filmmaking except that it’s exceptionally hard work.  To complete a film is in itself a huge accomplishment.  Of course, I told him I’d love to see it.  “It’s a horror film” he said so, given our conversation, I expected something along the lines of the Universal classics we’d discussed, which gives you a clue about my naiveté in regards to contemporary horror film.  Suffice it to say I was wrong.


I haven’t a clue what to say about MP2V, which in itself is a rave.  Disturbing, confusing and compelling I couldn’t stop looking at it in hopes I’d get a clue as to what is happening on-screen.  In its simplest terms it is a day in the life of two serial killers on a road trip from hell.  Shot Verite-style by one of the two psychopaths, the film starts at the end and rolls backwards to the start.  So – we see right off-the-bat where they end up.  How they got there is oft-unfathomable – one scene is particularly disturbing though it depicts no bloodshed – but I won’t spoil it.


The story is not told in a continuum, even backwards – it reminded me a bit of Christopher Nolan’s, Memento (2000) in that each sequence unfolds and ends at the beginning of the previous scene.  I’m not sure if that makes sense but trust me, it enhances the thrill of the kills.

“The guy with the cream puffs…I just wanted to F***ing strangle him.”

Well, yeah, I’d want to do the same there, in all truth.

MP2V is not a gore-fest, which I was happy about.  Instead the film takes a somewhat introspective view of sick minds.  Two of them with similar goals in mind.  One guy, the narrator and passenger in the car who spills his guts throughout the film – not literally, figuratively – is, to me, the scarier of the two.  Knowing what this guy is thinking, how he thinks and that he may actually have “normal” feelings is terrifying.  The other guy, who’s played by the film’s director and my new classic film BFF, is the more typical “monster” type one would normally picture as what serial killers are.  In any case,  it’s a nice contrast and both actors are very effective.

Best of all, perhaps, is that the case depicted in the film remains open.  You can take a look at those details here and assist in the on-going investigation.  A worthwhile movie, a new kind of horror – with a future.


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