To this, the companion to Once Upon A Screen, the blog where I rant and rave about classic film.

A week or so ago there was a great debate on Twitter, amongst movie lovers, about what constitutes a classic film.  Many people voiced their opinions and all made perfect sense.  But it got me thinking about a slight dilemna I encounter now and again with regard to film blogging.  It’s a silly thing that has absolutely no importance in this world but it lead to the creation of this site.  The dilemma is that I am compelled, now and again, to write about more modern movies – not new necessarily – just those that don’t fall into what I view as the “classic” era and therefore, don’t quite fit the theme of my other blog.  So here we are.

For the record, in the simplest explanation I can muster, I see film eras as follows: the “classics” are films made during the silent era and during Hollywood’s Golden Age (roughly the 1930s through the 1950s), although films of the 1960s will often fall into that category for me as well (the “real” cut-off being the late 1960s).  The late 1960s and through the 1970s is an era I often refer to as film revolution.  The films I am most fond of from the 1970s, one of my favorite decades in film, are very unique, a huge jump/change from previous eras not only in filmmaking and subject matter, but in audiences.  Finally, (again an over simplification) the blockbuster era, which completely changed the film equation – and forward.

Although I am drawn to the “classics,” which I grew up watching on television, I really love film from all eras.  A good film is a good film, regardless of when it was made.  So, on this site I’ll post views, commentaries, images, what have you on films and filmmakers I enjoy from the post-classic era.  If you happen to stop by, I hope you find something of interest and leave a comment – the best part of film, after all, is sharing them with others.


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