London in Genres: Match Point

Written and directed by Woody Allen, this film has his signature all over it, but Match Point is not his usual fare.  It is a film about chance, fate and luck…in life, in love and…in murder.  Set in London, with the city’s streets and sites as a backdrop, this sexy, crime thriller has a lot to offer all manner of affairs – those of morality and those of the flesh.

With bold music at the forefront, Allen replaces neurosis with paranoia in a story that seems familiar in many ways – a social climber is seduced by equal forces – wealth and lust – one of them wins.  As you will with this worthy outing.

“You have to learn to push the guilt under the rug and move on, otherwise it overwhelms you.”

poster woody allen match point MATCH_POINT-4

A full listing of the film’s cast and crew is available here.


Match Point is the first Woody Allen film to be shot entirely in Britain.  The film was originally set to star Kate Winslet in the role of Nola, the “other woman,” but when Winslet bowed out for family reasons, Allen cast Scarlett Johansson and rewrote the part for an American in about an hour.

The dark, cynical, Match Point was shown out of competition at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival and would go on to become the first Woody Allen film in nineteen years, since Hannah and Her Sisters, to make a profit in America.


London in Match Point







Life between Films is set to host the “…in Genres” series and asked if I’d be interested in participating.  The series features recommendations from bloggers and film fans for films that follow a certain theme.  This time around the “theme” is the city of London and Woody Allen’s, Match Point is my pick in the crime genre.


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2 Responses to London in Genres: Match Point

  1. vinnieh says:

    Excellent post, I will have to watch this one ASAP.

  2. Aurora says:

    Thanks for stopping in and your comment. Yes, do watch it. A very worthy film.


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